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China's Carriers Expanding Into New US Markets?

Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:35 pm

In recent weeks we have seen that almost all of the US's mainline int'l carriers are stepping all over each other to get those precious few slots into PVG. So what about Chinese operators such as MU, CZ and CA, are they going to have a chance to expand into other relatively untapped US markets, i.e. DFW, ORD, BOS, IAD, IAH or ATL? What little I know of air bilateral agreements between nations, they are reciprocal agreements if I am not mistaken. So it seems that when the US carrier/city is selected by the feds, then China can play their hand.

Now this is a something that I have only scant knowledge of and I am merely curious as to how this process works, so feel free to correct any errors that I may have made, but play nice  smile 

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RE: China's Carriers Expanding Into New US Markets?

Fri Oct 06, 2006 1:13 pm

CA, MU and CZ all serve LAX.
CA also serves SFO and JFK.
MU is to serve JFK early Dec 2006.

All Chinese airlines lose money on China-US routes.
They have not used up their available rights.
They are not very interested expanding in the US.
They can not compete with the US airlines in terms of product/service.
Their marketing is invisible in the US.

Chinese airlines blame visa to the US a huge problem in getting China based pax to fill airplanes.