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New TSA Liquid Rules Still Not Updated In Malaysia

Sun Oct 08, 2006 5:04 am

I had no problem with my new 3oz. toiletries in the 1 qt ziplock bag, through
2 TSA check points and all the way to Malaysia and I returned and once
I was to board the plane, They said no liquids at all. I saw the TSA
form they posted, it was the old one. I said that the rules changed, they
said no they have not, this is the information we have, so I was not warned
and I lost all the toiletries including my perfume and even my new contact
lenses, they would not spare it from me.

I am sure I felt better that the TSA had relaxed it a bit especially for long
haul, but the previous rule was still in effect in some areas. I was in
Taiwan as well, they did honor the 1 qt bag and 3oz rule, they had the update,
but Malaysia was still not updated.

Anyone else have this issue around the world, maybe in 3rd world areas
where the flight directly goes to the USA?
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