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Three US Airlines In 5 Days

Sun Oct 08, 2006 10:03 am

This is not a trip report but rather a brief evaluation of the overall service experienced and comparisons.

Flew DL(ASA) ATL-EYW CRJ700 (I think)

This was partly my fault because I was not at the airport early enough, but all the signs in the terminals stated our flight was going to be in D, however once we got to D we found out they had it wrong and the flight was in C. We made it to C but they would not let us on the aircraft as they had closed it already. Once I told them all the signs were wrong (as well as a passenger who had ran with me) they said "oh" and rebooked me on the next flight. Like I said partly my fault and partly their's but a simple "sorry" would have been nice. Only other thing I noticed was ASA cancelling several flights that day (in the several hours I was in C) due to "maintenance". Is this a common problem for them?

Next Flight AA (AE Executive) EYW-MIA

This was on an ATR 72 which was my first time ever on a turboprop. Loud but fairly smooth. Overall a great flight, can't find much bad to say as it was only 35 minutes long.

Next Flight AA (mainline) MIA-DFW 738 & also DFW-LAX MD88

Uneventful, overall good customer service. Flight attendants were nothing to write home about, personally I felt they were kind of cold. When we got into DFW we decided we wanted to take an earlier flight, AA was very good about getting me onto an earlier flight. Did not make the first standby as it was full, but got on the second. As most of you probably know DFW-LAX departs nearly every hour. Jamie Kennedy was on our flight if anyone knows who he is.

Next Flight UA LAX-KOA 757

Finally got on my favorite bird the 757. We were on N551UA which I later found out had a small incident many years ago that resulted in a lavatory fire. Did a little more research and found out she was delivered in 1992, she is getting old but did not appear worn down inside. I asked the FA to have the captain turn on Channel 9, however it did not happen until the IFE started. I was disappointed to miss all of the taxi, takeoff, and etc. Is this normally when they turn it on, with the IFE? Of all the aircrafts we were on the 757 seemed to be the most cramped. However, UA still stands out as my favorite. The Mt. Dew, the channel 9, the complimentary headsets, blankets and pillows, and of course the FA's customer service.

Very interested to hear any questions, comments, and feedback from everyone. Again this is not a trip report so please don't flame me, although it does border close to one. I am about to do the trip all over as I sit in Kona writing this. I think it's a pretty cool feat to hit up all those airlines in such a short period. Trip back will be KOA-LAX-DFW-ATL.
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RE: Three US Airlines In 5 Days

Sun Oct 08, 2006 10:31 am

Thats not too many airlines......
I did 8 in two days of flying back in 1996...

over nite....

Now that was a fun two days...

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