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Look What Just Passed By!

Tue Jul 04, 2000 2:29 am

Just as I was at this forum preparing a post, I hard the almost-silent sound of modern turbofans passing by. I got up and looked outside and - lo and behold - it was Air Jamaica's A320 on its first flight into POS. The plane passed overhead then headed west in order to turn onto the approach path. From the room here I have a view of the approach too and I was able to follow the pretty rainbow-coloured Airbus as it descended into POS.

JM has thus begun its new KIN-BGI-POS service, which will be flown 5 times weekly and will connect with JM's JFK-BGI services. This is part of JM's regional expansion, under the moniker "Soaring to New Heights". Certainly something to look forward to!

Hop to it, fly for life!