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150-200 Pax Capacity Charter Operator

Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:42 pm

Does anyone know of a charter operator that can accomodate 140-200 max people, preferably a decent amount of business class seating?. Would be great if operator were based close to JFK/LGA/EWR or YYZ.
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RE: 150-200 Pax Capacity Charter Operator

Wed Oct 11, 2006 12:13 am

if you have a charter request. send me an email


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RE: 150-200 Pax Capacity Charter Operator

Wed Oct 11, 2006 4:35 am

North American Airlines operates 757s and 767s and does a lot of charters.

They are based at JFK.

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RE: 150-200 Pax Capacity Charter Operator

Wed Oct 11, 2006 4:44 am

Xtra Airways have 734 and 738 available for charter work, some of those units are two class. Various bases, give em a call
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RE: 150-200 Pax Capacity Charter Operator

Wed Oct 11, 2006 5:53 am

For all-biz-class, depending upon when it's needed, MaxJet's all-business-class 767-200 might be available. They're an advertiser on and their VP/Planning reads and posts here. Their a/c is in JFK at one end of its London turns. They do indeed do charter.

Also, a couple of all-biz-class 717s from Midwest Express might also suit your needs, but you would need more than one plane. I would definitely call them as well as MaxJet.

The obvious candidate is North American, as noted above, but here are some ideas:

North American Airlines Scheduled-service carrier based at JFK as noted above flying 752s and 763s. They did Bush's campaign plane with significant biz seating, as well as Club Med charters for decades. Picked up a lot of the vacation charter business of the former TransMeridien Airlines. Its parent, World Air Holdings, has another carrier, World Airways, that has a fleet of 14 MD11s and 3 DC10s and which runs a VIP-configuration MD11 back and forth to Angola from Houston several times a week as a private charter by the US-Africa Energy Association for the airline subsidiary of the Angolan state-owned oil company.

ATA Airlines, Inc. Scheduled service carrier and big charter operator based at IND flies 752s, 753s, 738s and 733s. Used to have an all-first-class L1011, believe it or not, that saw some corporate and incentive charter use.

Miami Air Flies 738s and 727s. Specializes in one-time, incentive, ad hoc (e.g. college football teams etc) and track charter. Respected operator, rumoured to have unbelievably good food, although the carriers above also know how to lay out a spread, too. Miami, FL

Ryan International Airlines Does a lot of tour group track charter and military charter with 737s and 757s. Wichita, KS

Omni Air International, 757s and DC10s. Does a lot of military charter and some vacation package charter. Tulsa, OK

USA3000 Airlines Sked-service and track charter operator, which is owned by the Apple Vacations people and gets most of their track charter business.

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