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Transport Canada Toughens Bad Weather Landing Rule

Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:30 am

Transport Canada is introducing tougher restrictions on commercial airliners landing in bad weather.

The new rules --- which take effect Dec. 1 --- follow a series of accidents blamed on poor visibility and bad landing conditions...

Read more from CBC's website:


Now most of Air Canada's/Jazz fleet can handle such lower minimums as can Westjet's NG fleet. So I assume that carriers such as Canadian North, First Air, etc would be affected more. What about small operators, such as QuickAir, Sunwest, Peace Air, etc?

From the article:

The rule changes do not apply north of the 60th parallel.

Why would that not apply? Yes, one can say that the North relies too much on air transportation, but most of those airports are nowhere near as equipped as say... YYC or YEG.

What are your thoughts?

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