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Just Used The Dual-Exit Gate At DEN; Saw DL Emerg.

Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:47 pm

I was flying TED TPA-DEN last night and landed just after the DL MD-90 incident had taken place...emergency vehicles were still rushing to the scene. I was listening to UA Channel 9, but by the time we got turned over to Denver tower...all I heard was a news chopper being told to leave DIA airspace...the pilot responded with, "okay!? That's never happened before." - There was no response from the tower. Anyhow, it took place on the 16,000-footer. To see more on this incident, visit this thread: DL Landing Incident At Denver Int'l Airport (by Brick Oct 12 2006 in Civil Aviation)

We disembarked at B-18...one of the new dual-exit gates at DEN. I was sitting in the middle of the a/c...so getting off took just as long as if we were to use one airbridge. I eventually went through the rear (we were told rows 12 and higher should go through the back of the a/c)...so I did. The airbridge smelled of fresh paint and was roomy enough for two pax to walk together with bags and all. Because of the angle of the bridge (angled in two sections to clear the wing), when you looked ahead towards the "other half" it reminded me of being in a funhouse where your sense of balance is thrown off.
Thought I'd give you a perspective of this new gate system.

In TPA, they utilize airstairs for the rear of the a/c for boarding and disembarking (pretty nice in the FL sunshine) + it reminds me of earlier days when airbridges were not as commmon.

Sidenote: I fly TED often...this is the first RT where CH-9 was on...and the pilots announced it as well.
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