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Aircraft Swapping Question

Mon Oct 16, 2006 1:26 pm

When I was 15, maybe 16 (Mid to late 90's) I remember being booked ATL-BOS, and due to a tec fault with the first aircraft, the swapped it out with something way too big for the trip...I think it was an L 1011. My question is, when swapping out aircraft due do a mechanical issue, why would an airline use such a big swap like that. To go from maybe a 757 to an L 1011 would require a crew change for all of the legs that aircraft would fly, IMO. Would they do something like that today or would they just cancel the flight?
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RE: Aircraft Swapping Question

Mon Oct 16, 2006 1:33 pm

A favorite trick of UA's on hub to hub flying is to upgrade a later flight when something must be cancelled, so a 752 and a 763 from SFO to ORD will become a 744. For big carriers (and especially between big stations, or when the bird simply goes out and right back), it's really not that disruptive.
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RE: Aircraft Swapping Question

Mon Oct 16, 2006 2:51 pm

Happened to me on Sept 24th on UA907 from ORD-SFO. UA swapped a B777 for a B747. Fortunately, I was upgraded on that flight but there were a lot of pissed off people in Economy that got seat reassignments to middle seats.

What a nightmare for the gate agents and customer service reps!
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