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Wed Jul 05, 2000 4:04 am

Is anyone planning on going to Farnborough this year? If you have been, could you please describe the event to me?!

I was wondering about the tickets that they offer for "the trade". Would it be possible to set up a fictional company and write the Farnborough people for tickets on "official" letterhead, or do they investigate the companies and people they give tickets?

If I go during the public days, are most of the booths still open, or would people start to fold up shop, and stop handing out freebies and information?

Thanks much!

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RE: Farnborough

Wed Jul 05, 2000 6:01 am

I assume the company would have to be "Aviation Related" and if the name was not familiar to the SBAC they would check. According to the information I have there will be greatly enlarged air displays on the public days this year which are July 29-30.

I definately know that the aircraft in the static display all stay for the public days as well ie the 764 and BBJ will still be there if you go on a public day.

Other than that I can't really say, the BBC does good TV coverage while Farnborough is on and I've never bothered to visit!

RE: Farnborough

Wed Jul 05, 2000 6:46 am

I'll be going this year,

I don't mean to be rude, but there is just NO WAY that you can do the kind of thing you are suggesting. The organizers are not stupid, of course they won't let phoney Co.'s into one of the trade days.

You won't miss anything by going on the days open to the general public (which is the only way you and I will be able to get there). The only things you'll miss, are the a/c manufacturers and airlines announcing their new orders.

Sure, I'd like to be there to hear the announcements, but as Jetsetter said, you'll hear the new orders in the press the next day. If CNN don't have coverage, you'll get the news on BBC World (if you have cable or satellite t.v.)

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RE: Farnborough

Wed Jul 05, 2000 9:45 am

I am so pissed because I will be in the UK during late July but since I am going with a student tour group (People to People if you have ever heard of it) I will not get to go!!!!            Well at least there will be better coverage in the UK than here in the States.

For all you in the U.K.: What radio stations should I listen to to get the best coverage? Radio 2, 3, 4, or 5? (I doubt Radio 1 would have coverage!) Any other stations? When I am there we will probably not be able to watch TV (or reach a consensus for what channel if we have a TV in our Hotel rooms) so radio will probably be the best option. Thanks!

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RE: Farnborough

Wed Jul 05, 2000 4:30 pm

I'll ask my brother if he's going this year, his Co. usually send him on the traders' days. He may be able to get extra tickets or free entry for others. But as was stated earlier, there's not much more to see...