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UAL merger for real?

Tue Feb 23, 1999 1:48 am

I have looked all over the internet for information confirming UAL's takeover of AWA. Do we know for sure that it happened?
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Still waiting for references

Tue Feb 23, 1999 5:51 am

I don't know. Nobody has come up with a reference as to where they heard about it. There is onething I have learned about the airline buisness. There are always takeover rumers flying around out there.
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RE: Still waiting for references

Tue Feb 23, 1999 8:08 am

Not any more. UAL valued AW's stock at $800 million, while it was worth around 1.5 billion. If you read my most recent post, it shows a CONFIRMED message. I do agree with you about the rumors...I heard on a UAL recording that it was official. Oh well!

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