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Anything Remaining Of Past Airlines?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 7:55 am

Let me try to explain my question. Several years ago, onboard a TWA DC-9, I noticed the galley had Ozark written all over the equipment. This was like in 1986. Are there any remnants of past airlines still around? Like maybe a Northwest interior with Republic markings? I have flown USAirways many times lately and have seen no sign of PSA or Piedmont on any of them.
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RE: Anything Remaining Of Past Airlines?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 8:00 am

in Miami you can still see Eastern's corporate headquarters blg as well as Pan Am's,hangars to belonging to the two
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RE: Anything Remaining Of Past Airlines?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 9:06 am

Again, I'll try to answer your question, in particular the part asking about Northwest. Most of the interiors in Northwest's aircraft have been refitted so they all match. The DC-9s, many of which were gained through the merger with Republic, have the brand new 717 interior, so the answer to that question is a definite "No." The only indication that a jet belonged to an airline that became part NWA is the "N" number..."NW" is for Northwest, as is "US"; "RW" is for Hughes Airwest; "NC" is for North Central; "RC" is for Republic; and the odd lettered ones are from Southern Airways since most of them were purchased from other airlines shortly after they were delivered from the manufacturer. Some of the serving carts still say "Republic" on them; however, most have "Republic" crossed out with "NWA" right above them. The true rarities are the ones that still say "North Central" or "Southern." At Minneapolis, you can still see North Central's is one of Northwest's buildings...perhaps "H", or something like that. Basically all of Detroit (North Central Airlines) and Memphis (Southern Airways) are Republic remnants, whereas Minneapolis has always been Northwest Airlines.

Hope it helps.


PS: Ask the Flight Attendants with what airline they started, or how long they've been with Northwest and then ask them if they are an actual NWA Flight Attendant or Republic, etc.
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RE: Anything Remaining Of Past Airlines?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 9:19 am

Delta still has some aircraft with WA on the N numbers, these aircraft are from the merger with Western.
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RE: Anything Remaining Of Past Airlines?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 9:21 am

If you look at the carrier box second from the left, you can clearly see "CP AIR" on the carrier door.

A "rogue box" onboard a CP DC-10-30.

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