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3rd Miami Area Airport Dead

Thu Jul 06, 2000 9:44 am

Local media and other reports indicate that the proposed 3rd area airport to support MIA and FLL is dead.It would of been 22 miles south of downtown Miami where the Homestead Air Force Base.It was going to be slated mostlly for cargo airlines.The enviornmentalist and residents within the vicinity appear to have won this one which I do support them on.
Tom in NO
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RE: 3rd Miami Area Airport Dead

Thu Jul 06, 2000 9:53 am

Back in the day when I was a student at ERAU in Daytona Beach (81-83), there was talk about expanding the Dade-Collier Airport into a MIA/FLL reliever/3rd airport, but I guess that one died on the vine as well.

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