Yet Another Trip Report

Thu Jul 06, 2000 12:30 pm

Well I know this is one of those repeated posts, but I want to write about my trip this past weekend on USAirways from RDU-CLT-EWR and back.

On the RDU-CLT leg, the new A319 was used-very cool plane. The interior is bright and seems larger than Boeing's 737. The flip down LCD tvs are pretty cool too. The seats are also wider and have more room than the older US aircraft. 40min (ontime)
On the CLT-EWR leg, I flew on the MD-83. A big difference from the A319 as the seats are considerably smaller and not as comfortable. The clear weather let me see us flying over the Chesapeake Bay and Jersey. We were served drinks and pretzels. The f/a's were pretty nice on this leg. 1hr and 41min (10 min early).

On the EWR-CLT, the B737-300 was alright- better than the MD-80. We got a box snack that was good. Cloudy weather blocked the view, but it was a smooth flight. Good f/a's. (on time)
On the CLT-RDU leg, the A319 was still cool, and provided yet another ontime and smooth flight into RDU. Smoothest landing ever! After the rest of the passengers deplaned, I took a peak in the cockpit and was surprised at all the space available and the clear layout of the glass cockpit. (on time)

Oh well, there's my 2 cents on my travel weekend. USAirways is still my top choice and hasn't let me down yet.
Any questions? comments? Let me know!