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What LOIs Really Mean

Thu Jul 06, 2000 12:58 pm

Last month we were discussing LOIs and what they really mean. While I understand that they do legally show a carriers interest in an airframe, it does not mean tthat they will order it. Here are two posts from dealing with ILFC ordering A3XXs.

Post by CX747
"Thank you, thats all I was saying. While ILFC is interested in the A3XX, there have been no orders by the company. Currently I am interested in buying an Audi A4 this fall but that doesn't mean I have already purchased it. You never know what could happen!"

Post by 777X
"Good choice, the A4 is a nice car... (I'll add you to the order totals) got one myself"

So after signing an LOI with Audi and being counted to the orders total it is a done deal. Just as some people and the media are portraying recently.

I thought you would all like to know that on delivery day (Friday July 7th) the new car in my garage will be a 2000 Mercedes C230 Kompressor.
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