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First Peek At New Russian LLC Sky Express!

Fri Oct 27, 2006 10:40 am

Hey Guys,

If some of you saw my previous topic, of:

Who Is N527AD (B733) Going To Be Deliverd To? (by Tomascubero Oct 26 2006 in Civil Aviation)

You may have noticed that I have accidentaly discovered the first peek of what the major new LLC Airline in Russia, Sky Express looks like.

According to Viasa and many theories linking to the start of this Airline, it is about 99% sure that this is officialy the new Sky Express Airline's Boeing 737-300 which is ex. LH and GOL, PR-GLA and was retired from their fleet about 2 months ago, where it was returned to its lessor which I think could be ILFC.

Its final registration is going to be VP-BBN and its delivery registration is going to be N572AD, here are the first ever shots on the Web of how this livery is going to look like, you can clearly see "SkyE" at the back of the fuselage.



It looks like a nice livery for an airline which is going to operate 44 737-300 and 737-500 in Russia, according to this article:

I am hoping very much to be able to spot it when it leaves which should be very soon since its delivery reg has been applied and I would apreciate any information of its departure, once thing I am very positive of is that its routing goes over the US (hence the N reg) meaning that when it leaves SJO it will pop up a flight plan which can be seen in FlightAware or Red1Aviation, so I can be alert to when it departs.

It would be very much easier if someone from Russia or Sky Express could confirm this information, so far the Locals from COOPESA don't even want to say who its for!

I hope you like it and hope you can give me some more information.


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