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Where To Find Reliable Airliner Safety Data?

Tue Oct 31, 2006 10:47 pm

Two figures are used to evaluate airplane safety: fatal events and adjusted fatal events (or full load equivalent). Since the latter ajusts for the number of casualities related to the total on people on board, it seams more relevant. Why some databases show the fatal events instead?

Then by dividing by the number of flight, one has the (adjusted) fatal event rate. In the two databases I have found on the web (www.airdisaster.com and www.airsafety.com), the number of flights are only taken into account until 31st December 2004. Isn't there more recent data?

Apparently, among the main airliners, only three have had no fatal event so far (A330/340 and B777). But they are not included in the Airdisaster database (which record fatal events), resulting in the Saab 340 ranking first while having had some fatal events! Quite odd! Is there a logic behing this? Also in the Airsafety database, the B777 is shown but not the A330/340.

Is there somewhere available a complete, recently updated database showing adjusted fatal event rates?

Thanks for your anwsers.