My Ansett A320 Trip Report

Fri Jul 07, 2000 10:43 am

Flying from Mt. Isa back to Brisbane finally after a long holiday, I flew aboard Ansett Australia Airbus A320-200 registration VH-HYS.
My friends have been telling me that HYS is a pretty new aircraft. AN292 departed Mt. Isa at 2:14pm that afternoon. We did a massive U'Turn on the runway - as it was made for light aircraft. The take-off was very smooth and I thank the crew for a pleasant flight.
In midair, I was asleep. The pilot informed us there would be heavy turbulence on arrival to Brisbane, so he suggested us to fasten our seatbelts.
When we began the descent, the plane shook so hard that I could of fell out of the seat if I hadn't fasten my seat-belts. The lights flashed on and off, and everyone was terrified. As the A320 turned to face the runway, we could see the bay under us. It was frightenning because we kept on jerking around, and from one side, we saw the sea, the land, the sea, the land. We sped down onto the runway, and crashed onto it. (Up in the sky before, my ears had never hurt so much). We finally slowed down and stopped. My friends at the airport said that the landing looked awfully hard...

My thanks go to the Ansett Australia Cabin Crew and Pilot for such a pleasant journey (Apart from the end, but who can help that?)...

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RE: My Ansett A320 Trip Report

Fri Jul 07, 2000 12:24 pm

Aah, flights with heavy turbulence, love em. Seperates the boys from the men!!!!Also seperates the real pilots from pretenders.