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Air Canada 777/787 Order?

Wed Nov 01, 2006 9:15 am

Hi, I know that AC has specified 18 firm orders for the 777 and 14 firm for the 787. What i am curious about is the options, currently AC has 2 345s 10 343s and 8 333s which would equal 20 Large aircraft, which will be the 777's spot to fill, this makes sense and i think they have 18 options in order to expand. Fair enough. Where i get confused is AC has 33 763s and 12 762s thats 45 aircraft yet they have only ordered 14 firm 787s, would this be because they are worried about possible delays as surly a company that is short aircraft would want more aircraft rather then less. So lets say the 787 works out to be what it promised, or at least good enough AC will fill its options will they now take all 46 slots, a number that they feel will fit right or just enough to cover the 767's leaving the fleet. AC has already made their minds clearly that they are going to go with a Boeing Longhaul fleet, what happens if the 787 does not work out as well as planned, they have these ageing 767s that need to be replaced. All opinions appreciated. Thanks in Advanced

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