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Spotting At Copenhagen/Paris

Fri Jul 07, 2000 4:54 pm

If anyone has any good tips on spotting at Copenhagen or Paris DeGaulle please let me know. Thanks!  
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CDG When Doing A Stopover

Fri Jul 07, 2000 10:44 pm

If you're at CDG just for a stopover and don't have much time, you might want to check out the window front between Aerogare 2D and 2F. You can take good pictures of traffic on the west apron of 2F (mostly A32X and 73X) as well as of moevements on the taxiway between the south runways, Aerogare 1 and the north side of Aerogare 2 from here. And the best aspect about it in summer: it is airconditioned and facing north! You will need a 70 to 300mm zoom here.

If you leave Aerogare 2A and follow the street ramp to the left until you get to the commuter airliner parking, you can take pictures of traffic using the taxiways betwen Aerogare 1 and 2 from here. You're going to need a 100mm zoom for the commuter parking and 200-300mm for the taxiways.

There are some other good places at CDG, but you're going to need a car to get there, and I can't tell you, how good they are, because I haven't been there yet.

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RE: Spotting At Copenhagen/Paris

Fri Jul 07, 2000 11:02 pm

For additional information on CDG, check out

I've only taxied around both CPH and CDG, so I'm afraid I can't help you any more than this...

Nave a nice trip and enjoy your spotting sessions,


RE: Spotting At Copenhagen/Paris

Fri Jul 07, 2000 11:05 pm

There are 2 great places on the way to the RER from the airport(CDG). The first is at the shuttle bus stop going to the RER at Terminal 1. You have a great view of the bridge that goes over the road, where planes(usually small-medium, some widebody) taxi once every 2-3 min. The second place would be at the RER station for Terminal 1. Go toward the office complex where Air France Cargo is located(you can see it from the station) on Saturday or Sunday(almost deserted there), and go toward the edges of it, to one that suits you, and you will find it to be very nice for picture taking of Taxiing, and w/a larger camera, planes about 20-30m in the air.
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RE: Spotting At Copenhagen/Paris

Sat Jul 08, 2000 1:09 am


Before going to CDG, go there !

Have fun