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What Is The Function Of A Chief Pilot/Check Airman

Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:25 am

In reading (and rereading) another recent thread, a question has come to mind:

What, exactly, are the functions/responsibilities of a "Chief Pilot" and "Check Airman" at an airline?

These come up every once in a while, but I've never known exactly, well, what their purpose in life is.

For example, what are the primary duties of each position?
How many of each ("Chief" to me implies one, but I've seen references that make it seem like there's one at each hub/base)?
Do Chief Pilots or Checkairmen hold regular line bids or are they more or less desk jobs?

And of course, any other information on the subject is appreciated  Smile

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity,

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RE: What Is The Function Of A Chief Pilot/Check Airman

Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:11 pm

I'll offer the tiny piece I know.....Chief's don't fly the line and there is normally one at each HUB, and some asst. Chief's that don't fly the line either.

Check Airmen I know of do fly a regular line, they get a new hire or new to the airplane pilots added to their line when needed......I hear alot of First Officers love to bid a line with the check airmen becasue they often end up with their trips being bought to put the new pilot with the check airmen.  thumbsup 

I hear that is is a handful for a check airmen at times when they have a real rock they are attempting to checkout...... Smile
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