Trip Report: SFO-HNL-KOA-HNL-SFO-AUS (Continued)

Sun Jul 09, 2000 8:18 am

(If you haven't read Part 1 of this trip report, don't start reading this yet, read the first one first so you know what's going on)

...when I got to my hotel, I brought my luggage in and dozed off. I woke up at 5:00 AM to get ready for my flight to Honolulu. At 6:30, I was outside in the cool air waiting for my shuttle. It arrived 15 minutes late and then was delayed!! Too many people were trying to get on and there were fights. I was one of the first ones on, luckily. When I got to the airport, I ran to check my bags and then to my gate. As I walked down the UA terminal, I saw 2 UA 777's at the gate along with some 757's and 767's. I took some pics of the 777's nose at the gate. A huge plane, definetly. When I got to my gate, there was a Starbucks blocking my view of the 747-200! I walked behind it and then I saw the nose of that enormous plane right in front of me. Man, I thought that 777 looked huge at the gate, but I didn't think it was much compared to the 747. I boarded and walked all the way down the plane to my seat, 44K, a window seat. We pushed back from the gate and...

June 28
United 67

We pushed back and all 4 engines were fired up. We waited for take-off for 10 or so minutes. Then I was sucked into my seat as the powerful 747 roared down the runway. The take-off roll was shorter than I thought it would be and the way it climbed really impressed me!! After 300 ft or so we entered the usual fog and climbed above it. It was overcast skys in SFO that morning. The cloulds finally cleared up when we were pretty close to Honolulu. Service was good and we watched Mission To Mars. We descended into very rough air at Honolulu. Even though it was clear in Honolulu, the air was very rough on approach. Every single child and baby on that plane were scared and screaming. I liked it! One woman behind me was making weird noises too. We landed and taxiied to the gate. I saw tons of JAL 747's. JAL still operates quite a bit of 747-100's, don't they? I saw a lot of them.

June 30
Aloha 223
Honolulu, Oahu-Kona, Hawaii

I'm not going to get very detailed on the Aloha flights, very short, one drink service and that's about it.  

July 5
Aloha 2442


July 5
United 60

Basically the same thing as my other United flight. We were told to hold for landing at SFO because of fog. Fog had made the airport shutdown all it's runways, except for 28R. We landed. I went to my hotel, slept.
The next day, I took the same way back to home and that's it. I had a great time, but it fills good to be home and to be here.

Well, hope you enjoyed the trip report.
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RE: Trip Report: SFO-HNL-KOA-HNL-SFO-AUS (Continued)

Sun Jul 09, 2000 3:49 pm

i wish i had a good exoerience on united like you did!!!
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