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Pointless TSA: Frustration Builds, More Bags Lost

Mon Nov 13, 2006 5:37 am

New York Times
The increasingly painful and questionably useful restrictions on carry-on bags has increased the number of checked bags, and also increased the number of lost bags. Holiday travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year are promising to be a nightmare. Most people will blame TSA for the useless restrictions, but I think the baggage handling system at most airlines has been broken for some time. If not, why did we see the advent of the ubiquitous "carry-on" rollers in such a huge way? I liked the article, and feel that somebody needs to be out there to name and shame the worst carriers and stations when it comes to lost baggage. Most folks in the Northeast have known for years that flying US through PHL was a recipe for lost bags. I for one, Yankee cheapskate though I am, would pay a $100 premium to fly a carrier where I could have a HIGH degree certainty of having my bags make it to my destination at the same time as I do. Hiring a taxi to drive 100 miles to bring me my bags can't be a profit maker for the airlines. Where is the competitive advantage in sloppy operations that lose customers' bags?

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