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The View From The Top...there Is No Better Place

Mon Nov 13, 2006 7:44 am

Hey guys..

Ive just flown BHX-DUB-ORD-FNT and had a flight of 'sorts'
now this isnt a trip report but I just wanted to tell you about my experience..
I flew EI with my wife all the way to ORD and this being the 2nd time on this route, I knew not to expect a lot.. both EI landings were awful due to weather (as the entire midwest im sure can vouch) the weather on Friday night was TERRIBLE... We landed with a could virtually feel the guys up front pumping the brakes !! haha

Anyway our AA flight to DTW was canx and I got us onto the FNT flight which felt just as bad and we routed up towards milwaukee and down over muskegon.. the Captain left the flight deck for 2 minutes to get some paperwork before we left and the first officer ame over the PA and said 'guys .. the captains bailing while he has the chance.. anyone who wants to follow... nows the time !! ' hahahahaha..

Well before we reached ORD and before i subsequently boarded my flight to FNT ... I have to say I fell in love with flying all over again !!..

It sounds quite corny but my wife wanted the aisle so I got the window and I spent so long just gazing out the window and guys... it is sooooo beautiful..
I spend several hours just watching the clouds forming and dissapating, contrails of parallal jets coming and disappearing, we even flew over terrain I never flew over before, or at least never noticed before.. about 3 hours before arrival we flew over some amazing mountains and glaciers..
The earth is so amazing and I sincerely belive the best place to be to see it is at height in a plane.. honestly in a world corrupted by strife, violence and the impending and constant threat of aviation terrorism.. I discovered that you can still fly and enjoy it and feel a million miles away from everything without fear... strange isnt it ?
Well, I had a great time all friday... I left BHX around 11am and got into FNT about 9pm / 10pm local... a long day but so worth it..

Now all we need is to get our luggage back that ended up in Detroit hahaha

Well I just wanted to post this as I felt that I had a great time just enjoying watching the world go by .. and as aviation lovers im sure im not the only one who still gets such a buzz out of flying..

Just one question... I was thinking as we crossed the atlantic about an experience a while ago of a flight attendant who alerted the captain of a boat she saw as she looked out the window which was on fire... the captain subsequently alerted the authorities who found and rescued the ships crew..
Whats the strangest thing you have ever seen as you looked out of your window to the world below ???
I think mine was flying over Pakistan once and seeing a MIG come screaming over top of my SQ 744 scarily close...

Thanks guys... happy flying !!