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Maof Airlines Of Israel

Tue Nov 14, 2006 5:14 am

As a kid I remember for a short brief period there was an Israeli airline called MAOF.
I would love to get as much info as anyone has about the airlines.

It had these a/c:
N778PA Boeing 707-139(B) 17903/108
4X-BMA Boeing 720-023(B) 18014/143
4X-BMB Boeing 720-023(B) 18013/120

It ceased operations in 1984.
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RE: Maof Airlines Of Israel

Tue Nov 14, 2006 5:41 am

Well, abit of history, N778PA had the starring role in the Golan/Globus movie, "The Delta Force" starring Lee Marvin, and Chuck Norris. It was leased by the film group to play the role of an American jetliner hijacked by a terrorist played by Robert Forster. The airline was called ATW (American Travel Ways). The situation mirrored the TWA 847 incident except the hostages were saved by the US Army Special Ops, or the Delta Force. The plane survives the attack and taxies and flies out of Beirut, (miraculously without weight and balance concerns or an airstart/powercart. I guess ATW's 707's had an APU) after the hostages are rescued. Pretty good 707 footage, and rare 707-100 at that. 778 was sole the Cubana ordered(but never delivered). It was leased by Western Airlines, Pan Am, THY, Pan Ayer, Olympic Air, and BCal. It was retired in April of 1986 and flown to DMA at AMARC in August where it was parted out to modernise and re-engine the KC-135A's. It sat as a shell for a few years until it burned up in 1989, when an errant spark ignited the leftover fabric inside the fuselage when workers were we parting out an adjacent 720.
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