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BA World Cargo

Mon Jul 10, 2000 3:32 am

3 months ago there were news on this forum and elsewhere that British World Cargo was forced by the UK goverment to terminate the lease of its two Atlas Air B744F´s by end of may this year.
It seems that BA insisted on it. And won. Yesterday while picking up tickets for a flight to Madrid this week I saw N495MC landing in FRA, in the beautiful full BA "Chelsea Rose" colours. The other leased 744F (N494MC) I saw also here a few weeks ago, but in Atlas livery.
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RE: BA World Cargo

Mon Jul 10, 2000 5:46 am

I saw the "BA" Atlas bird yesterday here at ATL, but it was being flown for Lufthansa i thought, (being on the lufthansa carg ramp and Lufthansa loading the plane). Theres a regular flight out on Sat nights using an Atlas 744. Does the agreement with BA allow for Atlas to lease out that plane to other airlines when they don't need it?
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RE: BA World Cargo

Mon Jul 10, 2000 8:26 am

Actually, if my information is correct, Atlas and BA found a loophole in the law. Atlas set up a British based subsidiary of themselves run by a 51% owned British Company. That way they are "British Owned" and can continue their agreement. 2 aircraft are being used on the Stansted-Chek Lap Kok route. 494MC and 495MC.
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RE: BA World Cargo

Mon Jul 10, 2000 11:09 am

I was wondering about this because I could have sworn I saw a BA World Cargo 744F in HK recently.

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