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12-18-06 Last NW ARJ Flight Out Of DTW?

Thu Nov 16, 2006 2:03 am

Back on October 2-3 there was a thread going about the last NW (Mesaba) RJ-85 flight. The last out of Detroit was going to be on the 12-18-06, but nobody knew where it was going to. I did a search and didn't come up with anything new. Does anyone know anything about it now. It would be neat to be on that flight. I would love to be on the last of something.
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RE: 12-18-06 Last NW ARJ Flight Out Of DTW?

Thu Nov 16, 2006 3:27 am

Timeframe has apparently been moved up as the Avro's are no longer in the schedule after 12/1/06:

Last flights:
Outbound from Detroit 11/30/06:
NW 3512 DTW-ROC Depart: 5:14pm Arrive: 6:26pm
NW 3542 DTW-YUL Depart: 9:13pm Arrive: 10:55pm
NW 3512 DTW-ROC Depart: 9:33pm Arrive: 10:43pm

Inbound to Detroit 12/1/06:
NW 3513 ROC-DTW Depart: 6:10am Arrive: 7:29am
NW 3543 YUL-DTW Depart: 6:00am Arrive: 8:14am
NW 3517 ROC-DTW Depart: 9:30am Arrive: 10:51am

Thus, the last outbound from DTW is 3512 to ROC on 11/30.
Last revenue flight is 3517 ROC-DTW on 12/1.