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CO And Its AMS Route?

Thu Nov 16, 2006 8:13 am


I know CO and its European routes have been discussed many times, but I could not find anything about AMS.

Is Continental very profitable on its IAH-AMS Route? CO flies 764s every day from IAH and 762s three days a week (mostly around the weekend). But every time I look at CO's seat maps for upcoming flights, the aircraft always seem half-full. So why put another 762 on that route? Could it just be the low-season?

ALSO, I am flying IAH to AMS (CO46) on November 18 (this Saturday) and my flight appears half-full as well. Currently, there is no one sitting next to me (20L, window). Should I expect a fuller flight than the current map is telling me, or will I have plenty of room to stretch out? Thanks!!!

My return flight is CO 59 (762) on November 20th. And sorry if this similar topic was recently posted.

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RE: CO And Its AMS Route?

Thu Nov 16, 2006 8:30 am

coach may be light, but J class is typically full, as well as underneath. we fill the 764 up with 35 first class pax, and a full belly of cargo and we're sitting pretty good.
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RE: CO And Its AMS Route?

Thu Nov 16, 2006 8:43 am

I just checked the bookings on for CO46 on 11/18, and it will be much more than half full. I can't disclose exact totals, but J class is almost sold out, and Y is as well. I would expect that by Saturday their will be very few empty seats.
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RE: CO And Its AMS Route?

Thu Nov 16, 2006 8:57 am

Not all passengers choose their seat when they buy their ticket.
It is very hard to tell how full a flight is by the number of seats left to choose from online. Most of the seats are allocated at check in.
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RE: CO And Its AMS Route?

Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:30 am

AMS is a huge connecting point for CO international pax. CO's agreement with KL allows them to funnell pax into AMS and then continue onward with AF/KL.
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