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Fri Nov 17, 2006 1:20 pm

New charter operator in Australia, who presumebaly can fly domestic services in Australia, New Zealand & Trans-Tasman as well.

They had a big ad in this am's Australian newspaper.

How will these guys go? Apparently they are only operating charters, no RPT, except don't think they could make PER nonstop from SYD unless very light pax load.

Interesting, they they are getting same aircraft as DJ.

Are they going to work in with DJ perhaps providing extra capacity at peak time & hunting for AD-HOC or regular charters at other times?

Are they chasing mining contracts?

Or are they chasing tour operators who are sick of dealing with QF/NZ, who might not be able to fill a 737 on a regular basis, but can fill an E-170?

What do you think?