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The End Of Spotting In Changi

Mon Nov 20, 2006 12:29 pm

Since I work at the airport now, I have observed these subtle changes that are slowly but surely putting an end to spotting aircraft...

- Terminal 2's new public viewing gallery is not really one as it looks down into airside. Not ideal for photo taking.

- Terminal 1 just lost the viewing gallery that is parallel to Rwy 02R/20L. Now they are either building some more offices or something but it is blocked off. So only ONE viewing gallery that looks into the tarmac between D and C concourse now exists.

- Double fencing is going up around the perimeter of the airport so no more poking of lenses through the airport fence.

Sad day for me...
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RE: The End Of Spotting In Changi

Mon Nov 20, 2006 12:53 pm

Unfortunately thanks to the wonderful terrorists these days spotting is becoming a thing of the past...I feel sorry for the young aviation enthusiasts today. Unless you have a ticket is is very hard to get anyone past security without some kind of pass unlike when I was a kid and used to go down on my own to get a better look at airplanes when my parents were picking someone up at the airport. Obviously this was a time you could let your kid go somewhere alone without too much concern..The world might be more technological but it is not better not by a long shot.

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