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Full Length Movies On Short Flights (2h)

Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:17 pm

Yesterday I flew MAD-MUC on an DE A320 and I was very surprised when they announced a full length movie (109m) on this relatively short flight (~2h flying time).

As soon as flaps were retracted "the devil wears prada" was shown. It was paused a number of times for announcments and flaps were already deployed for arrival when the movie ended.

What other airlines do show full length movies on such short flights?

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RE: Full Length Movies On Short Flights (2h)

Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:27 pm

Well when it comes to show the IFE its usually the purser's call, at my last airline we had a little book with the months choices on and what we need to play on the outbound and inbound sectors as well as what we had as alternatives (short programmes).

Usually if the flight was something like PMI, AGP or IBZ we could pretty much squeeze a film on, on the shorter flights like MAN-REU we would have to stick to the short programmes. Its just a case of how quick you can get the tape rolling  Smile

Sometimes the Purser would actually ask the crew what they should put on (as in tapes or one of the films).

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RE: Full Length Movies On Short Flights (2h)

Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:43 pm

I was flying MIA-JFK on AA in May. They showed whatever installment of "Harry Potter" it was. When we landed in New York, the movie wasn't over yet, so they stopped it as we descended. Totally pointless, if you ask me.
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RE: Full Length Movies On Short Flights (2h)

Tue Nov 21, 2006 12:41 am

FI show films on their European services, except on OSL and GLA flights.