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What's New At Virgin Atlantic?

Mon Jul 10, 2000 9:37 pm

I'm looking forward to my 5th transantlantic trip in September. This one will be on Virgin like all my previous ones. What changes can I expect to see onboard since my last flight with them back in April of '99? The photo database doesn't seem to have any cabin views of the redesigned interiors. Are the PTV screens bigger? Do they still dish out the Baileys after the meals?   The plane will probably be a 744 as I'm booking EWR-LHR seats (please correct me if I am wrong). Thanks for any info,



RE: What's New At Virgin Atlantic?

Tue Jul 11, 2000 3:08 am

The interior has been revamped from the red to a maroon with silver trim. New bar facilities and better seating, extra things to be installed are gym's shower rooms ect.

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RE: What's New At Virgin Atlantic?

Tue Jul 11, 2000 7:11 am

You better believe it about the Baileys.  
And the best part is that they don't card! 
Also, not only do they it dish it out after the meals, but now before them too.

About the flight, don't expect anything new in the space department and if it is one of the new interiors, the PTVs should be much larger. I haven't been on any refurbished aircraft, but I've been on a new -200. Their -400s I've been on, G-VBIG (Tinker Belle) and G-VTOP(Austin Powered), the PTVs on both were much smaller than on -200 G-VIBE (Dancing Queen) which I was on back in June of this year. Dancing Queen started in 1999 so was newer, but did not have the new interior. Anyway, all their aircrft are beautiful and I don't understand why they are spending the money on refurbishing them. I think they should better spend the money removing some rows of coach and giving us poor economy travellers some more room. And also, they give you so much crap in that bag and so little room, you have no where to put it! Well, even if they don't give much room, they're one of the best airlines. You can't beat their entertainment and the food is pretty damn good too.

VS002/1, EWR-LHR, is still listed as -400 flight so that will most likely be the aircraft. And if it isn't too much to ask, please do some of us VS fans a favor and ask for preboarding to take some interior pictures because there aren't any good pictures of VS interiors on this site! Thanks in advanced and enjoy your flight!

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