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TG659 In Near Miss On 16 Nov

Wed Nov 22, 2006 2:49 pm

THAI Clarifies on News Concerning Flight TG659 (Article taken from TG's News Website)

(16 November 2006), in clarification to news that an aircraft of Far Eastern Air Transport from Taiwan avoided an incident with Thai Airways International aircraft, the Corporate Communications Department of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited provides the following clarification.

Far Eastern Air Transport of Taiwan, Flight EF 306 routed from Taipei, Taiwan to Jeju, South Korea, at 11.00 hrs. (Korean local time) THAI’s pilot-in-command was notified of communication between Far Eastern Air Transport and the air traffic control of South Korea, which advised that Far Eastern Air Transport should descend according to the order given by air traffic control as a sick passenger was on board. According to air traffic control instructions, THAI’s aircraft, TG659 routed Seoul – Bangkok, was flying in its right position with lateral and vertical navigation at 34,000 feet above South Korean airspace and the air traffic system on board THAI’s airplane indicated a warning (TCAS) that another airplane was approaching. THAI’s pilot-in-command followed the procedure indicated by TCAS system and operated the flight as usual and landed in Bangkok at 13.40 hrs.

In addition, THAI’s flight TG659 utilizing Boeing 777-300 routed Seoul – Bangkok departed Seoul at 09.50 hrs. (Korean local time) arrived Bangkok at 13.40 hrs. with 356 passengers and 20 aircrews

TCAS to the rescue and thank god the TG pilot followed TCAS...remember the mid-air many years ago between a russian place (TU154 i think) and a DHL freighter? ...reason for that was that the pilots (of Russian a/c) listened to the ground controller and not TCAS....
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RE: TG659 In Near Miss On 16 Nov

Wed Nov 22, 2006 3:05 pm

Around 20 taiwan passengers of total 150 in far eastern airplane get injured due to the sudden descend. Broken arms, etc, since they just finished meal. Far eastern claims that they heard nothing from air control and suddenly TCAS alarms and the tragedy happens. I think now some investigation is on going, to find what was problem. Actually at first, all Korean news said a far eastern airplane did sudden descending due to the turbulence. Some media play here?? to veil something??