Harlequin Air

Tue Jul 11, 2000 1:18 am

Thought I'd bring this airline up, in case people haven't heard of it... Very nice livery IMHO (appears to work well on a wide range of aircrafts).

Harlequin Air is a JAS affiliate that operates int'l charter flights. Their equipments and FAs are also used for some JAS domestic flights.

See their (now retired) DC-10 here:

...and the logo close-up:
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RE: Harlequin Air

Tue Jul 11, 2000 3:58 am

I've tried to get some more information about this airline, but their official website is japanese-only. :-(
I would greatly appreciate if someone could give a summary of their history and operations, especially regarding the question wether they will get ex-JAS M90's and 777 one day.

Thanks for any info!

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RE: Harlequin Air

Wed Jul 12, 2000 12:55 am

Hey TriStar500. I read some Japanese, so I've gone through their website, and the JAS website.

From what I could gather:
They don't mention anything about the two aircrafts you asked. I believe their planes are all ex-JAS. It might be a few years before any of the "rainbow sevens" (JAS 777s) are handed down.

Harlequin Air was established in January 1997. They operate international charter flights out of "local" airports . In other words, airport other than Haneda, Narita or Kansai. JAS "wet-leases" Harlequin MD81s (total 4) on some domestic routes, operating in and out of Fukuoka.

Harlequin used to have a DC-10 (delivered to JAS in 1990 I think), which retired last year. The only A300-600R is wet-leased to JAS for Japan-China routes, and also operates the charter flights.

In case the term's not widely used: "wet lease" here means Harlequin's crew and planes operating JAS services. "dry lease" would be just the plane.

Some of the charter destinations: Brisbane, Sydney, Christchurch, Vancouver, Calgary, Paris, Kathmandu. Harlequin hires a lot of ex-nurses/babysitters as FAs.