AirTran Service

Tue Jul 11, 2000 4:05 am

I am going to fly from PHL-ATL-MCO-PHL on Thurs. to do some plane spotting at MCO. My first 2 legs; PHL-ATL-MCO; are in business class, and my third leg is in coach. How is the service on AirTran nowadays? Is the coach service the same as 2 years ago? How is business class? Are there PTV's or audio(probably not, but just asking.) Do they have kind flight attendants, and no tendency to overbook a 100 seat plane by 30 people? Any replies will be appreciated.
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RE: AirTran Service

Tue Jul 11, 2000 6:02 am

I have flown Airtran twice from MCO-ATL. None of their seats have PTV's or anything like that. I flew on a DC-9 and then on a 717. Both planes were clean. For $25, you can upgrade your ticket to Business Class, which I did. The crew was great - very friendly. They were so proud of their 717, as they should be. The captain was even helpful and friendly as people boarded and de-planed. Overall, the services was just as good as that of Delta.