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Some Sky Info-news You Should Know....

Sat Nov 25, 2006 5:47 am

According to Time magazine,

As early as january, Dubai based Emirates will beocme the first airline to let passengers use cell phones during flight, provided they're set to vobrate. And please, np loud yapping with on-grounds frieds during the in-flight film.

Ryanair is testing its luck. The budget Irish carrier recently formed a partnership with the internet Bingo group to offer in flight gambling - with winning as high as $380,000.00 -by mid 2007-

Guess what the new German airliner Smintair (Smokers International Airways)
 rotfl  will let you do? When flight begin next October, every passenger - and crew member is wlcome to light up, from takeoff to landing.

the Spanish low-cost operator Vueling prides itself on landing below industry averages for lost laguage. It also names its aircraft after passengers and occasionally brings a string quartet on board to serenade them.