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EK Biz Product

Mon Nov 27, 2006 6:10 am

Earlier this year EK announced it was to upgrade its Biz product ........with the latest 773ER's being kitted out with the product first. Think this is from aircraft regs.....A6-EBP being one of the first to get the new product and the rest will be refitted with new product over time.

Now will the rest of the fleet receive the same biz product across the fleet or will it vary depending on configuration of the aircraft type etc.

From pictures that i have seen the A345 it seems a very different product compared to the 773ER's and having flown on the 772 and 773ER this year there product is different from the A345. I cannot comment on the A343 that EK have got but are they the same as the 777's or the A345's.

If EK are refiting the biz product will this be an entire fleet upgrade in Biz or just select aircraft types etc.

As myself i would love to fly in the new product and know that it was going to be fitted across the entire will seem if you have just flown an aircraft with the new product then get a connecting flight from DXB on a aircraft with an older biz product will certainly be a bit of a downer.

Still yet to see pic's of there new biz product on Anet......but the pics i have seen on the EK website it looks very nice.

Cheers for any info.