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US-Russia; Why Not More US Airlines?

Tue Nov 28, 2006 9:49 pm

Just curious why there's only one US airline (DL) flying this market. I know Russian visa regulations are stringent, but it would seem that given the size of the market and increasing pocket power in Russia, there would be more US airlines willing to take the plunge, e.g., IAD-MOW on UA or ORD-MOW on AA. I searched the forum and came across an old thread about proposed EWR-MOW service on CO slated to start in May 2005. Whatever happened to this? I searched CO's website and it shows no service to any MOW airports.

How 'bout connections to Far Eastern Russia from NRT, HKG, etc? It's a wild idea, but how 'bout UA doing 3 or 4 flights per week from NRT or HKG to VVO. It's completely underserved, has an expat community and is thriving economically.

Thanks in advance!
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RE: US-Russia; Why Not More US Airlines?

Wed Nov 29, 2006 4:41 am

I'm under the impression that Russian aviation is very restricted, I mean that only a few airlines are allowed to fly from a foreign country to Russia. At least in Finland Finnair is the only Finnish carrier allowed to serve Russia, Blue1 has tried to get traffic rights but they haven't been granted them, at least yet. Maybe it's the same thing with U.S., only Delta is allowed to serve Russia. I don't know about the CO service proposal though.

Russia is definitely a huge market and underserved.
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