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Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 11:51 am

Would it not be easier and faster for airlines to load their planes starting with the last rows and moving up?
(I know first class pax would be upset because they pay to get on first, but they already get the good seats anyway.)
Just a question. . .

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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 12:39 pm

Isn't that what they already do anyway? All airlines I have ever flown have boarded by row number from the last row forward, allowing premium pax to board when they want. Only two exceptions to this - QF who boarded a 763 in Sydney all in one go (but what would one expect from QF) and Tower Air in New york (using busses) who at least tried to board a 747 by row numbers - only they then delivered the passengers to the wrong ends of the plane (ie: Business Class and people inthe front went to the rearmost door and the people in the back of the plane were boarded into the first class cabin!

RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 1:03 pm

Here they board f/c pax first, then they start with the back. It works fine.
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 1:24 pm

Delta boards in this order:

1. First class
2. Medallion level members
3. Rear forward in coach class

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v jet
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 4:49 pm

Has anyone aever noticed basically how dumb the average passenger really is.
It doesnt matter that the gate agent may ask for a specific block of rows to board now, I'll bet the majority of passengers will get up and join the line.
Another one is when the flt attendants come to the door to the jetway a lot of passengers will just get up and start lining up. Why, I mean its not going to leave without them anyway!
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 6:52 pm

That is what Swissair usually does. First and economy passengers and passengers with small children may board first or when ever they want. Economy is boarded from the rear.
But as V Jet said there are a lot of passengers who don't care or don't listen. They always push forward. I can't understand why they do that, the plane does not leave without them.
I had a bad experience a few months ago. I was waiting for boarding at EWR for a flight to ZRH. The flight was about 40 minutes late. They announced that first and business passengers may board now. I was on business, but I hardly could go to gate because a crowd of eco passengers blocked it. The gate agents had a hard work to tell them to sit down again because they only could board in couple of minutes, these people are so stupid.

RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 8:13 pm

Usually I stand about 2-3m off to the side until they call my row. I just do that so I don't have to wait as long to get comfortable, b/c the guy opposite me will always spend 5 minutes trying to stuff his carry-on in the overhead compartment.

RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 9:41 pm

I have to admit that I'm one of those who rushes into line anyway.. because sometimes I can't hear the gate agents!! 
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 10:08 pm

I believe in waiting until your row is called, but sometimes after the first section of seats is called, and nearly everyone gets up, no more rows are called. One time at LAX, I was waiting to board my American flight to DFW. They called the first section in the rear of the aircraft. I know all the people that got up couldn't fit in that section. I waited patiently. Finally they closed the door to the jetway. I ran up there and told them that my row hadn't been called yet. They told me that they thought everyone was on board. They let me on, and there was very little overhead space near my seat. This happened again on an American flight at DFW. If airlines don't enforce their boarding policy, there is no sense in having one.

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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 10:16 pm

ZRH. I think you contradicted your own point. Even if you are in business, the plane is not going to leave without you, so why not just chill out and let the economy pax ahead of you get on?
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 10:31 pm

People want to board early to make sure they get ample overhead space. Other than that, I cannot imagine why anyone (non-aviation enthusiast) would want to board early. That is why, I imagine, they let the frequent flyers traveling in economy board first.

RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 10:32 pm


I fly from JFK to POP often. Most of the passengers going to POP don't speak english. AA calls out the rows in spanish and they still don't follow procedure. It is so damn disturbing. I remember one time when I was on 37A on a 763ER and people that were on like 15 something were getting up to board the aircraft. I started telling people in line that their row had not been called and I was insulted by some of them. I am of Dominican nationality but I do have to say some Dominicans are very stupid. I remember some people telling me "well I have to get on line because then the plane leaves without me". Ohh how fucking agravating!!!
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Tue Jul 11, 2000 10:42 pm

AA777dr - and people think southwest is a cattle car!
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RE: Shankly

Tue Jul 11, 2000 11:34 pm

To Shankly: I think I did not. You are right that the flight will not leave without the business and first class passengers, but they paid a lot more than economy passengers so they should have the right to choose if they want to board first or not. On the other hand business and first class passengers are not as many as economy passengers.
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Wed Jul 12, 2000 5:19 am

when i fly buisness i prefer to wait as long as possible to board. just so i dont get those mean stares by the poeple walking past me to the economy cabin. also, there is no need to secure space for my carry on because there is ample room. But when i fly coach, i sure as hell am not putting my bag in the seat infornt of me! there is not enough room for that. tell the guy with 3 carry ons to do that!
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Wed Jul 12, 2000 6:37 am

It is a simple lack of consideration for others. I've actually seen an aircraft loaded the correct way, and it was extremely efficient. It goes faster if people just follow instructions, but they insist on storming the gate in a fit of hysteria. I can also empathize with your description of the person with three carry on bags. I'll be damned if I put my ONE bag under the seat when the guy next to me has THREE bags in the overhead bin. It's unacceptable! My mother taught me to think of others, and to not be selfish. I'm telling you guys that this is all about bad manners. Living in Los Angeles, I see it every day. People have no consideration for their fellow human beings.

RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Wed Jul 12, 2000 11:57 am

I fly f/c (thanx to the parents), and I have stated to wait for the final boarding call to get on the a/c. I am sick and tired of getting bad looks from people boarding back in coach. Cuz I usually get on a DC-9, so they have to walk right past you to get to the eco. section. I am usually the last one to leave the plane too. I HATE it when everyone gets up right away, even when the f/c people do it, give me a break it is only a door that is a meter wide, we can't all get tough the door at the same time, and specially wiht our luggage. Which I dont bring much of, i ave lugging that crap around in the airport. ya, now? just my $0.02
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Wed Jul 12, 2000 2:29 pm

I agree with all of you. If a boarding procedure is followed boarding of the planes is achieved efficiently. That said, Caribbean people do not seem to follow the directions and the herd mentality rules. Very often I await boarding of BWIA flights here in POS and when the gate attendant announces "Boarding" (the order being First/Business Class pax, Club BWIA members, BWIA FF members, passengers with small children, others by row from rear forwards) everbody jumps up and runs forward in a disorderly mob. This despite the fact that BWIA will call a missing checked-in passenger in the airport about 10 times to ensure that he is coming!

As for deplaning, I wait for last too. I am too tall to stand under the overhead panels over the seats on narrowbodies and by windows and so a patient wait while the other passengers push and shove to get off is usually in order for me. The only time that I may get a bit impatient about deplaning is if there is an intermediate stop on the flight for which intransit passengers are allowed to visit the terminal; then I am a bit worried about being left or about the flight being called just after I get inside (and then I have to rush to get the newspaper or a drink).

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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Wed Jul 12, 2000 5:42 pm

Passengers with their whole household in their carry on baggage are realy very annoying. Swissair begins to control passengers and only allows one carry on item in economy (plus e.g. a photo bag, a women's handbag or things for a baby). In this case there is enough room in the overhead lockers. That is why I board at last because it is more comfortable to walk around before a long haul flight.

RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 12:31 am

Who cares if people stare at you when you get seated in First Class? When I'm seated there, I always get on when they call f/c so I can get my stuff stowed and seated, and have time to chill before the preflight video starts. I don't mean to sound like a snob, but if you paid so much more for first class, you should take advantage of every opportunity it offers, regardless of what the coach people think!
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 12:57 am

Interesting that most of the comments are from Business/1st Class types.

The reason you get the stare from me, is that I just want to check out the people who are subsidising my very cheap fare in economy.

Thanks guys. Keep up the good (expensive) work. Clear proof that money don't equal brains.
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 1:13 am

On my last "boarding-by-numbers" flight at Manchester, the staff at the gate actually turned people away who had got up to board before their row was called,
"Sorry, we're only boarding rows 1-10 and 30-40 at the moment"

It was the first time I had seen this done, and I must admit I was pleased!

If all airlines did this, passengers would soon get the message and SIT DOWN until their row is called. It would make life easier for the other passengers and the crew.

On my last flight, a couple of weeks ago, I was travelling home from Tenerife by A320. The boarding was by bus to the aircraft, then by front and rear steps. We were some of the first people on before the cabin crew had made it to the bottom of the steps, and boarded by the rear door, sitting in row 22. Onboard it took several minutes to get our seats because some idiots in row 29 had boarded by the forward door and had to fight their way all the way to the back of the plane against the flow of passengers who had used the correct door!
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 1:27 am

In all narrowbodies, a lot of times, I've usually seen that it really doesn't matter! All passengers will often board board regardless of whther they're business class or not. Generally, the preboarding is announced so the parents with small kids and the disabled can board first. That's how I go, as I am hearing impaired. Yes, I've gotten the same kind of jealous looks from other passengers as they look at business class passengers, as they see that I can speak well and walk like anybody else, not being wheelchair-bound or wearing crutches, but that's often because they don't understand what a problem it is not being able to make out what the gate agent's saying in a crowded boarding lounge! Then it's general boarding time for the rest.

Widebodies are a different kettle of fish, however. What I've seen is that business and first class passengers will board first, then the economy class passengers will board by row sections, as the gate agents will announce. This is especially true for 747s of all types and DC-10s/MD-11s and L1011s. It's been about seven years since I last went on a widebody, but I still remember what they do. When my brother and I went to SYD from YVR, we had to connect in HNL, as is the usual thing for transpacific flights, we had to board a Qantas 747-200.

The 747 is such a big plane that at HNL and probably at other major airports, they not only have the econ passengers board by row section, but the 747 will sometimes have two separate jetways connected to it, one for the first class/ business class pax and one for the econ passengers - this was definitely the case in our boarding at HNL and probably (it's been a long time now) in SYD when we got on a 744 to CNS and for the return trip home.
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 1:41 am

good topic.
I think that airline agents feel a bit of pressure when it comes to this issue. They know they have to maintain policies but they also must be considerate to their customers. I praise the agents that tell people, "sorry, we're not boarding your row yet." Of course every time I have witnessed an agent turning away a passenger because their row has not been called yet (usually the passenger being a middle-aged man) the passenger jumps into a ridiculous rage. Getting very mad, huffing and puffing, and yet again blaming the airline for poor service. Can you believe I actually encountered a man who wanted to pre-board with the first class passengers because "his luggage was to big" and he felt he needed to get on early because it would take awhile to put it in the overhead bin. HAHA!
That's a new one. The agent turned and said, "I'm sorry sir, oversized luggage is not validation for early boarding. kudos to that agent.
Anyhow I also wait untiil the end for boarding.. just because airlines board their flights 30minutes before departure. I'd rather wait in a terminal than on a plane sitting at the gate for a half an hour.
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 9:11 am

I don't think it matters with pre-assigned seats unless you have too much carry-on baggage. You either wait in the boarding area or on the aircraft in your seat. You either wait in your seat while the others deplane or you're the first to get to the baggage claim to wait the twenty minutes for it to come out. People are so stupid!  
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 10:16 am

Almost everytime I have flown...I have seen the gate agents tell passengers that they aren't boarding their section yet (if a passenger is in row 15 and they are calling 20-25). It is weird that hardly anyone else has seen this. I usually fly Northwest and US Airways and see it on both airlines all the time.

RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 10:22 am

Southeast Airlines loads all the passengers from back forward I think. Or it could be from front to rear. But its all Coach.
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 6:35 pm

I have found when flying Easyjet and Ryanair, where no seat numbers are issued (although Easyjet does operate some sort of priority loading based on 1st at the counter), that the pax take to seats more quickly than on regular flights i.e. you generally sit at the first empty seat you see. It's not that difficult really is it?
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RE: Passenger Loading Procedures

Thu Jul 13, 2000 7:15 pm

I always prefer to board as late as possible, because I hate to wait in lines. Just relax in the waiting lounge, looking at the planes or reading, and get up relaxedly when all the redheaded people have squeezed themselves in.
The only very big drawback is that I always have a windowseat, which annoys the aisle-pax because they have to stand up for me. Even more annoying it is, when the aisle pax is sitting in the windowseat and keeps insisting his "21C" assignment qualifies for a windowseat, even after I pointed to the pictogram on the overheadbins and explaining patiently that it wouldn't make sense for the 21A seat to be the aisle.
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