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Anyone Flown CO 747-100/200?

Wed Jul 12, 2000 2:25 am

If so, please describe your experience.

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RE: Anyone Flown CO 747-100/200?

Wed Jul 12, 2000 4:59 am

I have flown on CO's 747's on FRA-EWR-FRA in July 1993, but my memories of this event are somehow limited.
From what I remember, our departure from FRA (onboard Fleetno. 021 already in the current color scheme) was delayed for almost an hour, but since we cruised at Mach 0.84 or 0.85 (according to the FO's information), we made it to EWR just in time. The aircraft had been repainted into CO's current paintscheme and featured an interior, which resembled the current one of the DC-10 fleet (concerning seat model and choice of color for cabin walls and seats).
The interior was clean and tidy, but there was no moving map display available inflight whatsoever, and the movie was presented by using the conventional display with no TV monitors in the aisles or PTV available at the time.
Seat configuration was 2-5-2 or 3-5-2, but I could be wrong about that. Overall, economy seating was a little less cramped compared to nowadays' transatlantic DC-10 service.
Upon arrival, there were two other CO 747's at the international arrivals building, one of them still in the older golden colors.
The return trip was on 017, which was still in its original three-window upper deck 747-100 configuration, but also already repainted into new colors.
Although I now know about the difficult period of time CO was going through in 1993, I really cannot comp[lain about the service offered on my flights with them at that time.

Hope this helps!

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RE: Anyone Flown CO 747-100/200?

Wed Jul 12, 2000 7:51 am

I have flown on CO 747's twice. First, in June 1987 EWR-LAX the flight was delayed for 3 hrs. for mechanical reasons.This was just after Continental bought PEOPLEXPRESS and I believe that the aircraft was theirs. Can't remember much else. Second, in August of 1990 LAX-HNL on my honeymoon this was part of a EWR-LAX-HNL trip with a HNL-LAX-IAH-EWR return. Upon arrival in LAX is was called to the desk where for no apparent reason where I was upgraded to Business class. Continental still had 3 class service at this time.
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RE: Anyone Flown CO 747-100/200?

Thu Jul 13, 2000 4:17 am

Virtually ALL 747 operators operate coach class in a 3-4-3 configuration. In the 1970s, airlines flew them in a 3-4-2 configuration, but alas, those days are gone now.
Swissair was the last carrier to switch to the 3-4-3 seat config in the early 80s.
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RE: Anyone Flown CO 747-100/200?

Thu Jul 13, 2000 6:25 am

I have once, on a flight from LAX to EWR, I was in coach class, but I enjoyed the flight a lot. The flight was perfect, along with CO's everyday excellent service.

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RE: Anyone Flown CO 747-100/200?

Sun Jul 16, 2000 12:41 pm

I remember flying CO 747 but cannot be sure of the version? On the 747, I flew LAX-HNL-AUK then AUK-SYD on another day, then finally SYD-HNL-LAX. This was before CO has BusinessFirst so I had used mileage for first class. The trip was very pleasant but this may have been before the current CO management.

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RE: Anyone Flown CO 747-100/200?

Sun Jul 16, 2000 3:04 pm

Yes, Three flights!

1/ LAX-HNL-AKL (stopover) old CO color scheme B747-200 - 1988
2/ AKL-MEL (on Ex PEOPLExpress/CO Livery - 1988) B747-200
3/ MEL-AKL(j/class-upper deck)-HNL(y/c lower deck) on a B747-100 (current livery - 1991)

Both trips were okay, although the flights back in 1988 had that disgusting old brown interior. Service was okay, nothing to rave about and the entertainment was okay too.

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RE: Anyone Flown CO 747-100/200?

Sun Jul 16, 2000 9:23 pm

I flew CO in 1992, between Mel and Akl and return. The flight over was a 747-100 and the return a 747-200. On the flight to Akl I was lucky enough to be up graded to Business class, which I remember having leather seats. Very nice and good service. On the way home, the plane was newer but I was back in economy and it was average service.
It was great to have CO flying between Australia and US as it gave the local airlines QF and NZ some real competition, especially in fares.

RE: Anyone Flown CO 747-100/200?

Mon Jul 17, 2000 6:14 am

I'm flying a british airways 747-200 ORD-LHR next week. i'll do a trip report when i return.

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