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New Randy's Journal 12-1 Liberalization

Sat Dec 02, 2006 5:57 am


One part was very interesting to me:

"Now, what about the effect of this growth on the environment? Well, as I've mentioned here in the blog before, it's important to understand that commercial aviation is one of the more efficient means of transportation. Enormous strides have been made by the aviation industry in reducing fuel consumption and the release of CO2 - about 70% since the jet age began. In fact, flying from point A to point B has less environmental impact than going by car or even high-speed train."

I know I've looked at costs and amout of gas to say fly or drive from SEA to SAN and found the fuel cost for two in a 25 mpg car about even with 1 passenger's fuel usage. But does anyone have any input on the comparable impacts?