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Anyone Flown Aer Arann?

Wed Jul 12, 2000 6:28 am

To any Irish members, have you ever flown Aer Arann ?
I got the chance to fly in a jump seat in one of their SD 3-60's. A good experience but it was a little, well boring ! It was in Turbulence, 33kt crosswinds and we cruised in cloud to and from the destination of Donegal.
Very experienced crew: a mechanic & instructor for a co-pilot and a Virgin A340 Captain who took some time off the giant to get in some hand flying. They were two very talented men. Both landed the plane in severe winds, basically without me knowing we even touched down ! Maybe you're out their Virgin A340 captain ??


RE: Anyone Flown Aer Arann?

Wed Jul 12, 2000 6:33 am

I'm American and I flew on Aer Arann with my parents.

1976 from Galway to Innishmore(Sp??) in the Arann Islands. Briton-Norman Islander. Landed on a grass strip. Sat in the right seat in the cockpit as a kid and had the time of my life.
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RE: Anyone Flown Aer Arann?

Wed Jul 12, 2000 7:39 am

I have never flown with Aer Arrann but I have spotted their Islanders down on the Aran islands last Winter.I live beside Dublin Airport and I see the 360s every day.One of them is an ex Aer Lingus commuter 360 EIBPD.If you wish to find out more about this airline they have a great web page which you can access via the Aer Lingus web page.

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