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767-400 At VIE

Wed Jul 12, 2000 6:39 am

I saw a 767-400 at Vienna Airport around noon today. Does anyone know why it came to VIE ? I am not aware of any airline in the region interested in the 764, certainly not Austrian Airlines. Perhaps Lauda Air ? Maybe this is part of Boeing "looking for customers tour 2000", stopping in every major European city. The plane looks great though, although I thought there is only one testbed in the DL livery, but this one only has blue Boeing 767-400 titles all around, not displaying any airline logos. Any info is appreciated. Thanx.
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World Tour

Wed Jul 12, 2000 6:42 am

That's the World Tour 767-400. go to www.boeing.com and look up 767, you'll see it.
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RE: 767-400 At VIE

Wed Jul 12, 2000 6:47 am

It's on the world tour. Check out http://www.boeing.com's front page for more the link to the tour.

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RE: 767-400 At VIE

Wed Jul 12, 2000 6:57 pm

Thank you for pointing out the World Tour. Interesting. I will be very curious to know how many customers will they be able to convince to buy the 764. I read on the Boeing site that they are also carrying about 40 VIPs on board. Who are these people ? Can you buy a ticket for such flight ?
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RE: 767-400 At VIE

Wed Jul 12, 2000 7:48 pm

This aircraft was the one that did the hot test in Alice Springs and then flew here to Melbourne. N827MH was painted in this livery for the world tour and taken out of the Delta Airlines livery which was photographed here in Australia. So to say the shots taken here are real Slide Collectors pieces
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RE: 767-400 At VIE

Wed Jul 12, 2000 8:07 pm

Actually, I don't think that this is the one that went to Australia. The other day, before the World Tour 767 left Boeing Field, there were three 767-400s parked on the ramp. One was in the rollout livery, the other in the World Tour scheme and the third in Delta's old new colors. It may or may not be N827MH, I never got close enough to see the registration, but there still is one 767-400ER in Delta's old new colors at BFI.