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Need Information On TAM Please!

Wed Jul 12, 2000 1:29 pm

Can someone please answer some of these questions please:

1. How is Tam's onboard economy service. (Please compare with United, AA, Delta, Varig ... I've been on them) Are there PTV's on the A330 economy?

2. Pricewise how do they compare with other alternatives to Brazil (specifically: MIA - GRU route)

3. Who are their partners (US/Canada)? Are they in any aliance or which one do you think they will join?

4. I hate F100's and last time I checked I noticed that TAM uses F100 in their domestic routes. I also read somewhere that they will be getting quite a few A32X.
Anyways, how soon if ever, do you think TAM will start replacing the F100 with those?

5. SPECULATIVE: Why doesn't TAM purchase VASP's rights for the GRU - LAX route???

6. INQUISITIVE COMMENT: Why do companies like TAM and VARIG choose to purchase aircrafts like the 767-XX and airbus A330 when larger and more efficient aircraft like the A340 or B777 are available? Are they that much cheaper to buy/lease?

Thanks for any help guys!

P.S. I am cosidering them for my next trip to Brazil as well as Lanchile, United, and Varig
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RE: Need Information On TAM Please!

Wed Jul 12, 2000 11:39 pm

Don't know most of the answers, but believe TAM is aligned with AA's frequent flyer program.