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My Predictions For 2006

Thu Dec 07, 2006 7:24 pm

I did ok. Big grin

Back in December 2005 I posted a thread about what I predict the airline industry will see in 2006 and here it is:

"Any predictions for this year?

Here are my guesses.

SQ - lots of 787s and some 772LRs. Dump A345.
EK - 787 in vast numbers.
QF - lots of 777-300ERs, and more 737NGs.
NZ - some 773ERs.
Mexicana - 772ERs and LRs.
LAN - more A319/20.
AV - some 73NGs and 787s.
Garuda - firm up those 787s.
BA - a load of 773ERs, and a load more A319/20s.
EZY - 40+ more A319s. Maybe some A320s.
Philippines - 773ERs.
Saudi - a ton of 787s and probably 773ERs too.
Yemenia - A350.
Aeroflot - A350 or 787? - i think 787 despite reports to the contrary.
TK - some 772ERs and possibly some 787s as well.
KLM - some 773ERs, and a load more 73NGs.
SNB/VEX - 73NGs. No widebody order yet.
Royal Brunei - 772ERs.
El-Al - some more 777s, and more 73NGs.
RAM - more 73NGs, firm their 787 if they havent already.
Tunisair - 787s.
Vietnam - more 787s, more 777s (probably not new leased).
Austrian - more 777s, and some A319s.

Airbus gets their asses handed to them basically."

Indeed Airbus did get their asses handed to them this year. Of course its just a subjective bit of fun, but I made some key mistakes, and didnt see the LH 748I order coming at all - that has surprised me more than anything this year. That and the A330s for SQ.

Lets have some predictions for 2007.
What do you mean you dont have any bourbon? Do you know how far it is to Houston? What kind of airline is this???