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737-900 And 767-200 Exits

Thu Jul 13, 2000 6:47 am

I read some place that the 739 although being longer than the 738 has to have the same number of passengers as the 738. This I understand to be due to the number of emergency exits and evacuation times. If this is the case, how is the 762 able to get away with this same number of exits (6) in roughly the same locations and yet carry quite a few more passengers. Also, was it ever looked into to have a third set of doors right before the wings ala 757?

Thanks for your replies.

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RE: 737-900 And 767-200 Exits

Thu Jul 13, 2000 7:20 am


The four main doors on the 767 are dual lane (as are the slides), allowing almost twice the capacity in an evacuation. This accounts for the similar number of exits. Flow to the doors is also improved by the double aisle design of the 767.

The 767-300 is available with a variety of door configurations. Several carriers have six main doors similar to the 757 arrangement (with a floor level emergency exit door aft of the wing). I believe six doors and four overwing exits is an option as well as is four doors and four overwing exits.

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767 Doors

Thu Jul 13, 2000 7:42 am

The 767 has many different door configurations.
The 767-200 has the same door set up as most 737s. Where there are two in the front. 2 overwing exits, and two in the back. The 767-300 has the option of having exits similar to the 737-800/900 with the extra overwing exit or having the door set up like the 757. The 767-400 has the door set up like a 757.

Keep in mind that a 767-200 in a 3 class configuration can carry about 160 people so the amount of doors/person is acceptable considering that the 737-800 can carry 162 people in a 2 class config. That plane has 2 window exits probabily because of the fact that it is a standard bodied aircraft, and too many people would be trying to get out of those doors, if there was one.

Hope that helps

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