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June 1955 Of Qantas Routes....

Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:52 am

Previously posted at Fleetbuzz, all info taken from 1955.06 Official Airline Guide.


Australia/New Zeland/USA/Canada

  • EM702 Sydney-Nandi-Canton Is.-Honolulu-San Francisco Day 2
  • EM703 San Francisco-Honolulu-Nandi-Sydney Day 3


  • EM732 Sydney-Nandi-Canton Is.-Honolulu-San Francisco Day 4
  • EM733 San Francisco-Honolulu-Nandi-Sydney Day 5

  • EM736 Sydney-Nandi-Canton Is.-Honolulu-San Francisco-Vancouver Day 6
  • EM737 Vancouver-San Francisco-Honolulu-Nandi-Sydney Day 7

Aircraft: Super Constellation, most service includes First and Tourist Class

1-Day arrival on eastbound
2-Day arrival on westbound

Australia/South Pacific

  • EM402 Sydney-Brisbane-Noumea-Suva-Vila-Espiritu Santo Day 3
  • EM403 Espiritu Santo-Vila-Suva-Noumea-Sydney Day 5

  • EM408 Noumea-Suva Alternate Day 5
  • EM409 Suva-Noumea Alternate Day 6

  • EM406 Sydney-Norfolk Alternate Day 4
  • EM407 Norfolk-Sydney Alternate Day 4

EM406/407 is operated by DC4 Skymaster; Others operated by Sandringham Flying Boat

EM402 1-day arrival

Tourist Class service

Australia/Far East
  • EM204 Sydney-Darwin-Manila-Tokyo Day 3
  • EM205 Tokyo-Manila-Darwin-Sydney Day 5

    Operated by Super Constellation with First/Tourist Class
    1-Day arrival

    • EM208 Sydney-Darwin-Labuan-Hong Kong-Iwakuni Day 5
    • EM209 Iwakuni-Hong Kong-Labuan-Darwin-Sydney Day 2

    Operated by DC4 Skymaster in Toursit Class
    3-Day arrival northbound
    2-Day arrival southbound

    Australia/New Guinea: Bird of Paradise Route

    • EM304 Sydney-Brisbane-Port Moresby-Lae Day 16
    • EM304 Sydney-Brisbane-Port Moresby-Lae-Bulolo-Wau Day 2
    • EM305 Lae-Port Moresby-Brisbane-Sydney Day 123

    1-Day arrival northbound
    Same Day arrival southbound

    • EM318 Sydney-Brisbane-Townsville-Cairns-Port Moresby-Lae Day 4
    • EM319 Wau-Lae-Port Moresby-Cairns-Townsville-Brisbane-Sydney Day 6

    1-day arrival

    DC4 Skymaster operating between Australia and New Guinea
    DC3 operating intra New Guinea

    Also servicing 39 points in Papia, New Guinea, Netherland New Guinea, British Solomons and adjacent islands from Port Moresby/Lae.
    These service operated by Sardingham Flying Boat or DC3

    Australia/Europe - Kangaroo Route

    • EM513 Sydney-Darwin-Jakarta-Singapore-Bangkok-Calcutta-Karachi-Cairo-Rome-London Day 6
    • EM514 London-Rome-Cairo-Karachi-Calcutta-Bangkok-Singapore=Jakarta=Darwin-Sydney Day 4

    = Portion is technical stop
    Operated by Super Constellation
    3-Day arrival Westounbd
    4-Day arrival Eastbound

    • EM531 Sydney-Darwin-Jakarta-Singapore-Bangkok-Calcutta-Karachi-Beirut-Rome-Frankfurt-London Day 1
    • EM532 London-Frankfurt-Rome-Beirut-Karachi-Calcutta-Bangkok-Singapore-Jakarta-Darwin-Sydney Day 5

    • EM535 Sydney-Darwin-Jakarta-Singapore-Colombo-Bombay-Karachi-Cairo-Rome-London Day 3
    • EM536 London-Rome-Cairo-Karachi-Bombay-Colombo-Singapore-Jakarta-Darwin-Sydney Day 7

    3-Day arrival Westbound
    4-Day arrival Eastbound
    Operated by Super Constellation with First/Tourist Class service

    Joint-service with BOAC also available

    Australia/South Africa - Wallaby Route
    Service operating on alternate weeks; Tourist Class service

    • EM515 Sydney-Darwin-Jakarta-Singapore Day 36
    • EM516 Singapore-Jakarta-Darwin-Sydney Day 12

    1-Day arrival

    • EM519 Perth-Cocos Is.-Jakarta-Singapore Day 7
    • EM520 Singapore-Jakarta-Cocos Is-Perth Day 1

    1-Day arrival

    Operated by DC4 Skymaster
    EM519/520 to/from Singapore able to connect EM601/602 to South Africa at Cocos Is.

    • EM601 Sydney-Melbourne-Perth-Cocos Is.-Mauritius-Johannesburg Day 4
    • EM602 Johannesburg-Mauritius-Cocos Is.-Perth-Melbourne-Sydney Day 7

    2-Day arrival
    Operated by Super Constellation
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