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Perfect Merger Solution, Solve Every Problem!

Wed Dec 13, 2006 2:55 pm

Ok here is the merger solution that will solve every problem!!!!!

*note… all smaller airlines operating small planes in remote places stay independent

It all starts in America.

DL, CO and AA decide to merge to take on US and UA.
Forced to merge US and UA get together, forming United
NW takes the side of the new DL, CO and AA, now called Delta.
Now Delta decides to pick up some smaller airlines, such as:
Air Train, Alaska, Hawaiian, World, Sun Country, Frontier and Midwest.

United is forced to counter with ATA, North American, Aloha, Allegiant and JetBlue.

Southwest wont go down yet.

Now as for express carriers:
Horizon, Continental Connection, ASA, American Eagle, Era, Pen Air Comair and all those other Delta carriers go to Delta.

UA takes Skywest, Great Lakes, Mesa and all those UA and US express carriers.

UA also takes over Air Canada and its express carriers.
DL counters with WestJet and Canadian North (and whoever else is up there)
DL also renames themselves, World Airways.

Now there is unrest in Europe.

LH, SAS, Aer Lingus, Virgin, Air Greenland, Spannair, Austrian, Finnair, and all their express carriers join UA.

BA, AF/KLM, Iberia, BMI, Alitalia, CSA, Olympic, and LOT and all their express carriers merge with World Airways, who now changes thier name to Global Airways. Or GL

Now all the LCC’s and little guys in Europe are scared so one by one they merge together to form LCC Europe which eventually merges with GL.

All the Russian airlines merge with Aeroflot, which merges with GL.

As for Africa…well SAA goes to UA the rest split up and go to one or the other.

Now theres a lot of unrest in Asia.

JA, ANA, Cathay, Korean, China air, Air China, Asiana, and Qantas merge forming Asia Air

Thai, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, Singapore, and all those china eastern, southern and all the other ones merge to form Other Asian Air, which merges with UA.

Asia air merges with GL

Ok quick recap before we move on

GL and UA own every airline in Europe, Russia, east asia, south pacific and North America…

Ok so, Middle East.

UA and GL draw straws

Emerites, Air India, KingFisher, EL AL, Egypt, Saudi and Turkish go to UA.

GL gets Kuwait, Gulf Air, Qatar, MEA and whoever else is there go to GL.

Aeromexico goes to GL.

Mexicana and AeroCalifornia, go to UA

Air Jamacia goes to UA.

All the South and central American carriers go to GL, EXCEPT Vraig, Rio Sol, and GOL, which go to UA.

If anyone is left besides ma and pa carriers they are bankrupt.

Now for the fleet.

First off both airlines scrap all prop planes, except in select locations like Alaska, Greenland, Canada, ECT…

Keep in mind that by the time all this has happened we have some new A/C

Global and Global express operate:



747-400 (to be retired)

767-400 (to be retired)



And a large order of 797’s (Y3) to replace 737’s

Airbus: (to satisfy European Customers)


UA and UA Express







And whatever Airbus is coming up with to replace the A-320

And to satisfy our American customers


So these two airlines now dominate the world.

But wait, Southwest still rides!!!!!

any ideas or changes you have are welcome

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