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Avianca Celebrates 80 Years Of Service

Fri Jul 14, 2000 6:39 am

To commemorate 80 years of operation, Avianca (Aviacion National Colombiana) has introduced a 1950's retro color scheme on one of their 757's

Avianca was the first airline in Latin America to introduce the 747 into service.

Avianca has had to operate under the worst conditions in Latin America. Colombia has been hard hit by drug lords who have almost taken control of the country. The economy has been hurt quite badly forcing many Colombians to move to a better and safer place. This, however, has allowed Avianca to generate revenue as there is no tourist market to Colombia because of the dangerous situation. Avianca flies to most of the capital cities of Latin America as well as other destinations where Colombian communities have established themselves. In N. America, Avianca flies to New York, Newark, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City & Cancun. In Europe, Avianca flies to: Madrid, Paris, London and on the Bogota-San Juan-Frankfurt route 2x weekly.

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Photo © Eddy Gual - Aviation Photography of Miami

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Photo © Mel Lawrence

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