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Who Is Going To Replace Air Madrid?

Mon Dec 18, 2006 10:31 am

Iberia/Air Europa/Spanair/Vueling who is going to replace Air Madrid.

Lots of pax waiting. the market is there and of course with good administration there is good bussines.

Spanair maybe now with the Hub operation in Barcelona for Star Alliance can get a chance to restart south america.

Air Europa, with new MAD/GIG can get more oportunities GYE/UIO/ and central america.

Vueling, can get new adventure to open long distance operation with new name and base in Barcelona?

Iberia, will get more customers of course but theirs planes are already full.

New operatours, maybe.
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RE: Who Is Going To Replace Air Madrid?

Mon Dec 18, 2006 10:45 am

I think Air Asturias is set to launch service with 767's soon. I think the only good thing NM managed to do was to prove that central America can be very very profitable and have very good loads to europe.
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RE: Who Is Going To Replace Air Madrid?

Mon Dec 18, 2006 3:17 pm

There a few new operators that wouldn't mind new opportunities

- Bravo Air , originally destined to fly between MAD and Africa with 767's. It's 1st 767-200ER has been sitting here on the tarmac for quite a few months now. South America would be less hassle than politically and bureaucratically-challenged Congo.

- Gadair European, which also has a 767-200 leased, wants to start flights from MAD to HAV and LBV/FIH in Africa I think.

- Air Asturias, which has just started operations with an A320 wet-leased from LTE, also said they wanted to fly to South America ASAP, from their Oviedo base.
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RE: Who Is Going To Replace Air Madrid?

Mon Dec 18, 2006 3:20 pm

What about Air Plus Comet? AFAIK they are getting two (or more?) A343s. What will they use them for?
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RE: Who Is Going To Replace Air Madrid?

Mon Dec 18, 2006 3:27 pm

If Iberia had a few more A340s or even kept those wetleased CC 744s, they could have easily expanded to fill the void NM left. However, I do expect them to eventually expand, especially in Central America, where there's lots of room for expansion, as now IB has a monopoly in the region for flights to Europe (except SJO, which along with IB's daily flights, receives twice daily service from FRA through SDQ by DE), without counting MEX. However, this might take a while, or at least until IB gets new 787s or A350s, which would be as early as 2012 (unless they do order more A346s for delivery in 2008 or 2009).

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