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Marry X-Mas To All Airport Personal!

Wed Dec 20, 2006 9:18 pm

Within this short time period you will touch millions of people! You will deal with lost gifts in the lost baggage. You will deal with misconnects whose christmas "your airline has ruined" and you will be the lucky ones who get to hear about it! You will deal with people who visit the airport twice a year and think they still have time for another beer! You will have to skip lunches/dinners/breaks and be on your feet 8-10-12 hours to help out your co-workers who are new or shorthanded! You will encounter people who would like to check in a Tire (not the greatest X mas present by the way) as their luggage and carry on Chainsaw with a tank full of gasoline. You will make final calls that everyone who missed the flight will claim to not have heard. You will deal with oversold flights and find out from the people left behind "this is no way to run a business". And 10 minutes before boarding time when you thaught EVERYTHING was going great one of the flight attendents will come back up from the jetway and tell you they overheard the pilot and mechanics talking and this plane may not be going anywhere..I am sure I have missed out on alot of the other fun things that go on at the airport.

Marry Christmas and a Very Happy new year to all of you guys!!
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RE: Marry X-Mas To All Airport Personal!

Wed Dec 20, 2006 9:57 pm

Thanks for your thoughts.

Merry Christmas........

Don't forget about the folks who.... Have to work out in the freezing rain and ice servicing the lavs, watching their buddy manhandle a grossly overweight bag with no heavy-bag tag who at the same time is trying to not slip in the pool of de-iceing fluid.

Happy New Year........
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RE: Marry X-Mas To All Airport Personal!

Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:11 pm

I think the previous post say it all. Happy Holidays to everyone in the industry that keeps the world moving.